Ecogold Lamps

G4 Halogen Capsule 5W

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  • G4 Halogen Capsule 5W ecogoldlamps

Ecogold Lamps

G4 Halogen Capsule 5W

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Halogen G4 Capsule Lamp 5W               

Halogen lamps are by far the most impressive of light sources. Until now they were very inefficient in terms of energy so Osram and Philips designed the Eco Halogen making around 33% energy savings on a traditional halogen lamp. Now you can switch onto eco-halogen and save whilst getting a warm light output which beats any other incandescent or halogen lamp.

Eco-halogen’s have the same light output of a standard halogen and retains the same crisp white qualities. Its light output is far beyond other lighting sources and is still used in millions and millions of light fittings all around the world.

Ideal for chandeliers, table lamps, cooker hood, wall lights etc

All eco-halogens can be dimmed right down to zero and therefore are very popular in household and commercial applications.


  • Energy Rating C
  • 2700K Warm White light
  • Provides a nice clear crisp light outside areas
  • Clear glass
  • Size 8mm x 32mm 
  • 12V
  • Will replace any standard 5W standard capsule

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